More safety, reliability and user well-being in car parks

The car park doors from EFAFLEX attractively set the scene for multi-storey and underground car parks. Today car parks are no longer purely functional, but ideally attractive places that are safe and secure for their customers to use. EFAFLEX is making a major contribution to this development with its highly customisable high performance doors specifically manufactured for the parking sector. This success story began in 1995 in the Netherlands where the first EFAFLEX car park doors were installed in a multistorey car park in the city of Arnhem. More car parks and other cities around the country have followed. Today, the world market leader for high speed doors, manufactures the bespoke parking systems for customers from numerous nations – far beyond Europe’s borders too.

EFAFLEX parking systems doors are now in use in eight of the ten largest cities in the Netherlands, and in more than 20 municipalities in total. Car park operators’ favour EFAFLEX as the manufacturer of these special high-performance doors based on shared ideals: they should be robust and durable, high-performance, safe, visually attractive and fit in with the overall architectural appearance.

Unrivalled: high number of opening and closing cycles

Almere is such an example: in the seventh largest city in the Netherlands, the focus was on the desire for a robust door system that can complete many opening cycles per year. “Muntgarage Almere” offers space for 300 vehicles – and is now in operation around the clock thanks to the high performance of the EFAFLEX doors.’ The reliability is vital’ emphasises Alexander Fuchs. He is the Business Owner Parking at EFAFLEX headquarters. “Entrances to car parks of this size may be opened up to 600,000 times a year.” To classify this: with common garage doors around five cycles per day are expected – the EFAFLEX high-performance doors are designed to open up to 250,000 times between each service interval. “No other doors come even close to this service life and load capacity,” says Fuchs.

Design must be sustainable

Even beyond performance and durability, car park operators’ requirements are demanding. This is also due to the strict regulations for car parks in European cities and municipalities: construction elements and materials must be designed to keep care and maintenance costs low in the long term. Something that the world market leader for high-speed doors has always ensured thanks to its extremely high-quality standards.

Cleanliness and safety are top criteria

The lower operating and maintenance costs can be offset by higher revenues thanks to more satisfied customers and the resulting increased use of the parking facilities. “Customers often report back to us that their facilities have become much more attractive with our doors. They increase both safety and cleanliness in the car parks,” says Fuchs. These are two essential aspects: the fast automatic opening and closing system prevents unauthorised entry by vehicles or people gaining access to the car park during the few seconds when the door opens for the passing vehicle. These features are particularly essential for hotels, banks, authorities, and other public facilities, which is why the parking system gates with their automatic access control are often an elementary component of security concepts. Leaves, dust, and litter, for example, also have little chance of being blown in through the door. Fuchs states: “Our customers report up to 30 percent lower cleaning costs as a result.”

Schnelllauftore für Parkanlagen

Service team is quickly on the spot

Because even a brief interruption in the door operation can have a significant impact on the car park’s turnover, operators also appreciate the close-knit service network and the short reaction times at EFAFLEX. Our highly trained fitters are on hand to provide solutions for all installation situations, even at weekends. The experts are certified in a wide range of specialist applications and have a high degree of expert knowledge.

Utmost expertise with maximum flexibility

Of course, this know-how already pays off during production: the engineers adapt each door individually to the customer’s requests. Combined designs are in demand along with different dimensions, materials, and colours to suit the place of application. For example, in addition to a door for the vehicles, an exact matching pedestrian door can be produced to the same design. This expertise and flexibility have already helped one customer win an award: The Zuidplein 10 car park in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, secured with the manufacturer’s parking system doors, received the European Parking Standard Award from the European Parking Association: this “parking industry Oscar” is awarded to parking facilities in Europe that meet the very highest standards of safety, sustainability, and excellence.

Customers all over the world rely on EFAFLEX car park doors

However, EFAFLEX’s catchment area is by no means limited to the Netherlands. The Chinese provincial capital of Harbin, for example, whose shopping centre was equipped with the high-performance parking system doors, is also counting on EFAFLEX’s reliable quality and all their other advantages. In addition to Germany and the Netherlands, the strongest demand is currently coming from the United Kingdom, France, and Russia. But the parking system doors, which are always tailor-made, are also supplied to Australia, China, South America, Hungary, and Kazakhstan.

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